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We'll try to keep this up to date, but if we don't just give us a call. We would surely love to talk to you.

-Dress and Les


After a miserable skiing experience (we do it for the suffering, right?) we were happy to have a classic Northern Wisconsin breakfast at the legendary Norske Nook! (Note US Bank's Gansta in Residence, Tim Sugar)

Despite our lack of training, we were still pretty excited on the bus on the way to the starting line of the 2009 American Birkebeiner.

We spent a few days at Phil's place in Door County, and had a picturesqe day at Penisula State Park. Why train with all these great photo ops?

While not on the groomed and tracked trails, we kept up the excitement by doing some tubing at Loon Mountain. Note the differing styles of tubing between Les and Dress.

It turns out her downhill style on the skinny skis is equally agressive. (So... where's the steep hill? Ahhh, Wisconsin)

Over Christmas, we took a road trip to CT, MA and NH. New Hampshire offers some great Nordic skiing, so we spent a few days on the trails. Bretton Woods is not only historic, but a great place to ski.

For a litte break froma pretty busy fall, we went to see Trash Martini at McGee's on Halloween. I was somewhat Nikki Sixx, Leslie a random groupie, Doug of Devo and Corrina her 80's alter ego.

It's been a while since we have updated this. Here are a few from the summer.

Standing atop Mt Margaret just North of Mt St Helens.

Burning off the snacks on Chatham Strait.

Enjoying some snacks on Chatham Strait.

On the ferry bound for Baranof Island, AK.

So we are starting to get pretty high tech. Check out the new imbedded video in our web site. This is Leslie and Dressler practicing their rolls in the UIC pool.


Leslie and Dress at the NorthEastern tip of the Door Peninsula on Labor Day, 2007. We spent a weekend paddling around Door County with Tracey Maloney, Brian Day and Phil Arnold.

Port de Morts


This is Leslie and Dressler while their dinner was still alive. Also in July, 2007, it is at the seaside cottage on Bailey Island, Maine. The lobsters at this particular time were a little small and still had very soft shells. Still tasty, but not quite the Maine lobstah experience.


So the side by side lovey-dovey shots are getting a little old. This is in July of 2007. Dress, floating in his inflated dry-suit, being abused by Leslie, standing in her inflated dry-suit. Just after this photo was taken, Leslie rode Dress like a kayak and attempted to roll him. It didn't work.

Floating dry suits

Leslie and I on Rattlesnake Ledge, Western Cascades, in February of 2007.


Here's Les and I on the beach at Bob and Christy's cottage in Michigan. By coincidence, mostly, we spent our first wedding anniversary on the same beach at which I popped the big question.

Halloween is a big deal in Madison. This is Halloween 2005. See if you can guess what our (combined) costume is...

This photograph was taken on Bailey Island, ME in August of 2003.


This one at Sun Peaks, BC in February 2003. Sun Peaks is in central British Columbia just north of Kamloops. It is almost as big as Whistler/Blackcomb but half as crowded. But don't tell anybody, we want it to stay that way.

This is in the Grand Canyon in November 2002. Despite all the warning signs advising against it, we hiked from the rim to the Colorado river and back in a day. It was absolutely beautiful.


This is taken in September of 2004. Leslie and Dressler were taking part in an ancient Arbutan engagement ritual. The evergreen boughs represent eduring love, the sand represents unstable and trying times, the apron represents Dressler being a damn good cook.