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Leslie Martha Rattan Dressler

Leslie was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Lived in Chicago for about a year, then grew up outside of Taos, NM. At age eight, she moved to Madison, WI where she attended High School while rowing at the Mendota Rowing Club.

She then went to the University of Washington (U-Dub) on a partial rowing scholarship. She majored in rowing with a minor in Political Science. She finished with one NCAA Championship and a BA in Poli Sci.

After one year teaching sailing at the Seattle Yacht Club, one year teaching sailing at the Longshore Sailing School in Westport, CT, and two years serving fish and beer on Friday nights at Quivey's Grove in Madison, WI, she decided that a career as a Spanish Literary would be more enticing then one as a Political Scientist.

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese, however, would only accept students who have undergraduate degrees in Spanish, regardless of their background or fluency. The College of Letters and Science, however, would not grant Leslie a BA in Spanish since it is too similar to Political Science. (We are still trying to figure this out). So Leslie spent another two years serving fish while completing all the necessary course work to get a BA in Spanish, so she could NOT get a degree in Spanish. This did appease the Spanish people and she was admitted to the Master's program.

In December of 2007, Leslie was granted an MA in Spanish from the highly touted University of Wisconsin.

Leslie now teaches Kindergarten through 4th-grade Spanish at the Catherine Cook School in Old Town Chicago. For a serious academic acustomed to teaching undergrads at a Big10 university, teaching 5 through 9-year-olds was quite a switch. Never before had she heard, "I have to poop," in class. Likewise, she never had to console a student who had just lost a tooth.

Currently, Leslie loves her job, love teaching, and loves her flexible schedule. With her time off, she enjoys paddling, hiking, cooking, camping, reading and the occasional Yoga class.

Kristofer Michael Dressler

Kris was born and raised in Black River Falls, WI. While in Kindergarten, a kid named Brian English thought his last name sounded funny, and called him Dress. He has been Dress ever since.

Black River Falls was a great place to grow up, with abundant lakes, streams and forests in which a little boy can do what little boys do: get hurt, break things and get in trouble. Kris left BRF with a love of nature and cycling.

In 1987, Kris moved to LaCrosse, WI and attended La Crosse Central High School. His 9th grade algebra teacher, Mr. Don Olson, told him that he should go to the University of Wisconsin and study Mechanical Engineering. Then he should go on to study Fluid Mechanics. Only then, said Mr. Olson, could Dress get the job designing America's Cup boats that he always wanted. Twenty years later, he is still working on the graduate degree in Fluids.

Dress rowed for his first four years at the UW, earning three varsity letters but no National Championships. Dress studied occasionally during his fifth and sixth years.

After a year in the engineering world, Dress went back to his rowing roots. He coached at Mendota (where Leslie would later be his assistant) and then at the UW.

While coaching, Dress began tutoring HS and college students in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. This rekindled his passion for teaching and turned into a full-time business. In January 2005, he started graduate school at UW. In May of 2008 he left gradute school at the UW.

In September 2005, Dress moved to Chicago to help long time sailing friend and engineering partner Matt Younkle with the TurboTap project. He spent the next three years working full time trying to make beer lines around the world shorter and faster.

Finally, in January 2008, Dress resumed his studies of Fluid Dynamics, only this time at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He hopes to finish his MS in December of 2009, and then investigate his teaching, research, consulting and entrepreneurial options.