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So until I get around to re-organizing the family section of our web site, I have posted a bunch of photos from our wedding, where most of our family was in attendance.

The thumbnails link to full-resolution photos, so you can download and keep the ones you want.

The Larabell Side

The Dressler Side

The Rattan Side


Christiane and Horst Dressler

Christiane Penk was born in Stolp, in the Prussian province of Pommern (now called Slupsk, in northwest Poland). Horst was born in Konigsburg, East Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia). They were married in 1942 and moved to the United States in 1956. My Grandmother's incredible life ended peacefully on April 7th, 2008. She was 84 years old. My Grandfather is still living in Fond du Lac, WI.

horst christiane dressler
walter joanne rattan

Joanne and Walter Rattan

Joanne was born in Beverly, MA and Walter was born in TX. They were married in 1948 and moved to Kenosha, WI in 1952.

Josephine and Richard Larabell

Josephine Lant and Richard Larabell are both from Chicago, IL. When Richard returned from the South Pacific in 1946, they married in Chicago. They spent several years in Detroit and eventually raised most of their family in Neenah, WI. They now live in Appleton, WI.

richard dick and josephine larabell

eric lindsay rattan

Lindsay and Eric Rattan

Lindsay and Eric were both born in Detroit, MI. They were married in nineteen seventy something in Kenosha at the very house where Dress and Les are having their reception. They moved to Madison, WI in 1987.

Joanne and Axel Dressler

Joanne is from La Crosse, WI and Axel is from Munster, Germany. They were married in 1991 and retired from teaching at the end of the 2002 school year.They spend their retirement raising their German Shepherd puppy and traveling the country in their RV.

niko dresler

axel joanne dressler

Kathryn (Larabell) Dressler and Ernie Baker

Kathy was also born in Detroit and Ernie is from St. Paul, MN. They were married in 2000 and lived in Robbinsdale, MN until 2007. Now they live a mere 30 minutes from Les and Dress in Hoffman Estates, IL.

kathryn dressler ernie baker
eryn kathy dressler

Kris, Kathy and Eryn Dressler

Thanksgiving in Cocoa Beach, FL while visiting Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick. Eryn making his trademarked picture face. Mom living up the Florida style.

lisa rattan

Lisa Rattan

Despondent after coming to grips that she will never truly compete with a Dressler in Ultra-Brochian Mountain Croquet.

Or, maybe just one too many blues.

Dad and Dad

This one is pretty funny. Eric and Axel were chatting it up over a couple of beers at McSWYDS 2002. I asked to take a picture of them because Leslie would think it was pretty funny. Neither of them understood why. Apparently, they hadn't introduced themselves because neither of them knew who the other was.

axel dressler eric rattan

Eryn Dressler and Stephanie Kiekbusch

Eryn and Stephanie live in Onalaska, WI, on the Mississippi. They spend a lot of time on the river with their dog Sammy (in the Packers jersey). They both enjoy rock and roll music, long walks in the woods and beer.

eryn dressler


heidi kann

dressler family reunion

The Dresslers

Jenny, Matthias, Carolyn, Monika, Horst, Peter, Kristofer, Axel, Joanne, Eryn and Heidi.

Grampy (Rattan)

Carefully measuring up his next shot in a nice family game of Croquet.

walter rattan

Grampa Dick (Larabell)

Still in his bath robe and already too much coffee.

richard larabell

axel horst dressler

Axel and Horst Dressler

At a recent Dressler family reunion, my Dad and Grandfather took shelter from the rain. The sphere above my dad's head is a raindrop on the camera lens, not a halo, idea, or supernatural phenomena.

Steph and Eryn

Ever dedicated to walking Sammy, Steph and Eryn brave the gunfire of deer season in Black River Falls.

Eryn Dressler and Stephanie Kiekbusch