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Door County Weekend

We spent the past three days in a winter wonderland. Much thanks to our friend Phil for hosting us this past weekend. We had a great time eating delicious food, drinking incredible wine, meeting neat people, skiing in spectacularly gorgeous terrain and staying in a sweet brand new guest house. It was AWESOME!

Adventure Mobile Extraordinaire Frank Cushman takes us to more cool places.

While Sarah Palin is confident that she can see Russia from her house, Leslie is a little skeptical about seeing Michigan from Door County.

We drew a little map in the snow and talked about the great compromise between Ohio, Indiana and Michigan regarding access to the great lakes. Leslie was much happier after putting it all together.

"I can! I can! I can see Michigan from Sven's Vista!"

"But this descent will be the death of me!"

[[Editor's note: Apparently, the Trail Ranger at Peninsula State Park was desperate to use his intimidating signage.]]