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In my usual organizational style, I forgot to bring a charger for our camera on our latest trip. I used up most of the battery on the way out, so I will have to wait for Tia Martha to send us some of the good pictures.

We missed our flight out on Thursday night so we weren't able to leave until Friday morning. It actually worked out well, since we got a direct flight into Manchester, NH instead of flying through Dulles.

Until our flight to Manchester was cancelled. Fortunately, there was space available on a direct flight to Boston.

As I was preparing to go through security, I remembered that I had my pocket knife in my messenger bag. I understand that the security people are just doing their job, but the fact that you can't take a pocket knife on but you can carry on a glass bottle just doesn't make sense. The trip was off to a bad start.

We finally made it to Boston and had time for donut and a cup of coffee before Tia Martha would arrive to pick us up. I was in a pretty sour mood by this point, and a nice donut made things a little better.

Martha arrived and we loaded our gear into her van and headed off to Loon Mountain. About half way is a little city called Tilton. In Tilton, is a little greasy spoon called the Tilt'n Diner. We stopped and enjoyed lunch with Tia, Paige and the two of us.

After lunch, we took a very short tour of Eric Rattan's alma mater, the Tilton School.

We arrived at the Condo Tubinis in time for a nice bottle of wine and some story telling.