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We've had a lot of fun making this web site and we hope you enjoy browsing it.

-Dress and Les

This photograph was taken on Bailey Island, ME in August of 2003.


This one at Sun Peaks, BC in February 2003. Sun Peaks is in central British Columbia just north of Kamloops. It is almost as big as Whistler/Blackcomb but half as crowded. But don't tell anybody, we want it to stay that way.


This is in the Grand Canyon in November 2002. Despite all the warning signs advising against it, we hiked from the rim to the Colorado river and back in a day. It was absolutely beautiful.



This is taken in September of 2004. Leslie and Dressler were taking part in an ancient Arbutan engagement ritual. The evergreen boughs represent eduring love, the sand represents unstable and trying times, the apron represents Dressler being a damn good cook.